Valentine recap

I know Valentines was a few days ago, but I’m playing catch up (story of my life it seems).  Becoming a mom, I wanted to make sure that I took the time to celebrate holidays with my kiddos. For Valentines we had heart shape waffles and strawberries. They get to drink out of fancy glasses for the day. 20140217-154849.jpg For dinner we made homemade pizzas. I love Pioneer Woman’s pizza dough recipe, but I forgot to make the dough ahead of time. I used Paula Dean’s recipe instead. It was fun to have the whole family in the kitchen rolling out the dough and making their own pizza.   20140217-154908.jpg   And if you know me, you know how much I love taking photos. I am not above bribing my children to do photo shoots. Once I sit down to edit, I know it’s all worth it!!



What special things do you do for the ones you love?




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  1. I love the heart shaped pancakes and pizzas! I’ll have to steal those ideas next year! We didn’t do anything special because Chris had to work, but my mom and brother stopped over with pizza and a Valentine bear for Stella.

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