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Hey ya’ll! I’m Val, the blogger behind Chicken Scratch. I want to give you a little insight as to who I am: I’m a hair designer turned Mama who lives life creatively. From crafts, playdates, DIY, hair & beauty, fashion, and just nonsense in general…I will talk your ear off about it all!

Amanda invited me over here today to talk a little fashion!! I immediately knew I wanted to do something a little different (for me). I wanted to use a bag I bought from her when we first met to build my look. I think we all do one of two things. We wear the same outfit over and over again…or we build our outfit around that fab new pair of skinny jeans or that fancy new top. Not very often do I build an ensemble off an accessory…especially a bag. To be really honest…I’m a mama to a 3 year old and a baby so I’m sorta stuck in that diaper bag phase…so I CERTAINLY am not building my outfits off that!!!! But, I still ME..a girl who loves a good date with the hubs and girls night out!! There are still reasons to keep my fashion sense alive!


My Inspiration:

To dive a little further into why I KNEW I wanted to do this: the colors of my Amanda Lynne Designs bag. Specifically the pink and mustard yellow. Two colors that I LOVE LOVE LOVE but can’t wear. As you will see in the photos below I have what is considered true “porcelain” colored skin. I wash out in muted colors. Mustard has been so trendy for years now and I envy all you who can wear this color.  I have had to find creative ways to stay on trend with you all by incorporating mustard into my looks through accessories only.  No joke…the reason I chose to purchase this bag was the mustard polka dot fabric. I was smitten the second I laid eyes on it.

Building the Look:

It actually took me a second to figure out what I owned that I coordinate with this bag. I kept falling into the old trap of pulling the same ole pieces from my closet. Don’t we all?? I was overwhelmed almost. So, I had to get specific. I had to ask myself some questions. What colors on this bag can I wear? The answer: white, brown and green. To add a bit more challenge to myself I decided I would choose a piece I hadn’t worn in at least a whole year. I wanted to find a piece I had once loved and reinvigorate it. Drum roll please….The fab white button down french cuff shirt. I haven’t worn this top since I worked in the salon. That was TWO years ago. I paid an arm and leg for this shirt and never wear it anymore because in my mind it still felt like a “work shirt.” To add a little spin on it I actually uncuffed it and let the flared arm openings show their drama! I’m so excited to have challenged myself to styling at older item to feel brand new again.

Lastly, to use that fun mustard polka dot as further inspiration I played off of it with choosing gold earrings and my favorite ring (my birthstone: topaz/citrine). Those two items played fabulously off my bag’s color scheme.






I’m so excited to have styled a new look from what I already own…isn’t that the best feeling? It makes old things feel new again!!!

Ok…now someone invite me somewhere so I can wear this!!! :-)

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  1. Thanks so much for having me over to guest post for you! It was a super fun challenge and post to write for me!!

  2. love the outfit & bag!

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